A message from our student leaders


From left to right Tanisha Raj (Deputy Head Girl), Ryosuke Hoshiyama (Head Boy),
Hei Nok Fan (Head Girl), Aaron Lum (Deputy Head Boy)

It’s a huge honour at Island School to be elected Senior Prefects. It embodies all that is great about this school; the opportunities, the responsibility and most of all, the energy. As a team, we have never been more enthused to work towards keeping Island School the diverse, competitive and passionate workplace that it is.

Furthermore, we are fortunate enough to be appointed Senior Prefects at such an exciting time where we are in the process of redeveloping the leadership structure in Island School which will hopefully take effect within the next year!

On top of this, we are privileged to be able to work with an extremely dedicated body of prefects, who work diligently week in, week out, without fail. Shortly after the prefect elections, the newly elected prefects were praised for their kind hospitality and passion for their work during the ESF University Fair. They continue to take on a myriad of challenges, be it in school or out.

To be a prefect is not just a reward for an individual’s achievements over their education at Island School. It is a constant interaction with the community as a whole, from mentoring the younger students in the school to serving as ambassadors of the school to parents and visitors.

Before our term ends, we look forward to getting to know our prefect body and the wider community as well as leaving a positive legacy at the school and serve as inspiration for future students.